Uncle Lim's no. 42 Pulau Ubin

Update: Uncle Lim's shop is currently closed for urgent repairs. But Uncle Lim remains on Pulau Ubin and will be able to help you organise outings and visits to Ubin. 

What does Uncle Lim provide at his shop?

Stop by at Uncle Lim's at Ubin Town. Get tips, directions and answers to your general enquiries. Drinks, snacks, insect repellent, sun block lotion and lots more for your day at Pulau Ubin.
Fun at Uncle Lim's shop Pulau Ubin for Pesta Ubin 2016
Come and get refreshed at Uncle Lim's shop.
Photo by Ria Tan.

There's also comfortable seating at the back of the shop. A perfect place to chill and enjoy a drink or snack. Or to wait out wet weather.
A great place to catch up with friends while waiting out wet weather.
Photo by Mohammad Juhari.

Uncle Lim also offers this space for groups to have workshops, meetings: daytime and night-time too.
Ubin's Animal Puppet workshop for children and families by Jacquelyn Soo
A children's art workshop at Uncle Lim's shop for Pesta Ubin.
Photo by Ria Tan.

MAD for musang at Pesta Ubin 2016
A slideshow for kids followed by a night walk for Pesta Ubin.
Photo by Ria Tan.

Uncle Lim's also has shower facilities and toilets.

What else does Uncle Lim provide?

Uncle Lim can help you organise group outings at Pulau Ubin. Cycling, local tours, taxi service, with meals (lunch/dinner).
Cycling at Pulau Ubin
Cycling at Pulau Ubin is fun!
Photo by Ria Tan.

Free mangrove walk with Restore Ubin Mangroves (R.U.M.) Initiative
A leisurely walk at Singapore's last kampung.
Photo by Ria Tan.

Makan at Pulau Ubin: Seafood restaurant
Enjoy seafood by the seaside at Pulau Ubin.
Photo by Ria Tan.

Prices negotiable. Enquiries welcomed!

Uncle Lim is happy to support charitable organisations with special prices. Please enquire for more details.

How do I contact Uncle Lim?

Please email Uncle Lim at pulauubin42@yahoo.com

Where is Uncle Lim's shop?

It is at no. 42 Pulau Ubin, 3 minutes' walk from Ubin Jetty.
Uncle Lim's shop at Pesat Ubin 2016
The colourful umbrellas at Uncle Lim's shop
brighten up even a rainy day at Pulau Ubin.
Photo by Ria Tan.

How to get to Uncle Lim's shop?

Arriving at Ubin Jetty, turn left as you reach Pulau Ubin and walk towards the bicycle shops and Ubin Town. Uncle Lim's shop is in the middle of Ubin Town, opposite the Wayang Stage, next to the little red temple.

Uncle Lim's shop at no. 42 Pulau Ubin